Elrabie Group became a milestone in the field of food manufacturing

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El Rabie Through our adherence to our goals fixed for the advancement of the national economy through the food industry to a level we can compete with foreign products in global markets seeking our company very carefully to exit a product of a special high quality and through our dependence on the finest raw materials global audit heavily on sources in order to maintain the quality of our products from through our dependence on highly qualified human resources in the field of food industries and we then train the staff to keep up with changes scientific in this area made this and deservedly get more international certifications in the field of quality and food safety (ISO - Alhsp) and made this take a line of vigorous and sustained forward through what we touch the quality of our products, which had been the reactions of amazing among consumers because they actually meet their desires through their quality has become comparable and even superior to many foreign products and thus we are proud of and brag about what we offer products for the domestic market or foreign. As for the market exports, our companies seeking to gain the trust of the consumer to meet the wishes of the outside of the products in terms of quality and price, through a consistent policy aimed at achieving leadership excellence in the food industry, accompanied by the growth and continuous improvement in production and the level of performance. Last but not least we would like to thank you for choosing our products and will strive to meet all your needs through the generosity of price and excellence together.


Hossam Fawzi Ali

Chairman of El Rabie Board of Directors


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Mr. Hatem Fawzi Ali
Vice Chairman
Board Member

Mr. Hossam Fawzi Ali

The Chairman
Member of the Businessmen Association

Mrs. Marwa ElBanan

Board Member
Member of the Investment Association
Member on Egyption, Turkey
Businessmen Association