Elrabie Group became a milestone in the field of food manufacturing




El Rabie Group Highlights

El Rabie proud by providing customers a level of service starts from the selection of products including experiments carried out with scientific assessment and sampling to ensure consumer safety and getting the best products. We also have a wide range of components that have the flexibility allows us the diversity of production processes and the requirements of raw materials, which lead to providing the best solutions called them our customers.

El Rabie Group is fully committed to continuous development and profitable through the manufacture of products according to the latest methods of modern technology and international standard specifications and under the supervision of distinguished group of engineers, technicians and administrators who specialize in this area until the name of El Rabie became a milestone in the field of food manufacturing.

Therefore El Rabie Group has understood and studied the local market through making Marketing Studies with major international companies to prepare the sessions of the marketing and knowledge of the requirements and the views of the market for our products. El Rabie also entered the well-deserved local and international markets chains, the most important (Carrefour - Spence - Metro - Markato - Al Mlmahmal - Sharif markets - Khair Zaman - Awlaad Rajab - Plaza Mall branches - Alaamah 2000). As the company sought to look wider hopes and began to compete for Foreign Affairs and have achieved export to African markets, Gulf and Europe and most of those countries (Yemen - Jordan - Palestine - Libya - Kuwait - United Arab Emirates - Italy - Germany - Algeria - Saudi Arabia - Bahrain - Zambia - Sudan - South Africa - America - Italy - Austria - Denmark - Lebanon .....). It is still our cooperation with these countries based so far as we have agents in some of these States and the most prominent Palestine, Yemen, Jordan and Lebanon. The company is also participating in the most important local and international exhibitions, and most important (Dubai Food Gulfood - Damascus Exhibition Gallery - Sapore, Italy - Sudan Exhibition foodex - Ishtar International Gallery - ..... Istanbul Gallery - Cairo International Fair)
 In addition to that, through the implementation of production processes and packaging using technological methods used in all across the world over the past ten years, El Rabie company got a deep understanding of the technology developed for packaging in the world and this is what configure it for the most important international certification approved them.




 El Rabie Group