Elrabie Group became a milestone in the field of food manufacturing


El Rabie Group Company was established in 1987 to supply and serve the local and export markets with high quality range of products: Halva, Jam, Tehini, Juice, and Tomato paste, Black Honey for the food and beverage agencies with a capacity of 22,000 tons per year which will reach 410 tons/day by 2009. Currently, ElRabie Group company serves 120 local customers satisfying their different needs and requirements including multinationals Further expanding its customers.



Base, it started exports activity to neighboring countries such as Libya, Sudan, Morocco, UAE, Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, Kwait, Palestine and to European countries such as Greece, Italy, France and Spain. ElRabei Group Company is the most targeted company on food sector for agencies all over the world



Countries exporting to: America, France, Italy, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Palestine, Yemen and Dubai.



These all clients have the whole product range from El-Rabie Products


Export mail:   Export@elrabiegroup.com
Export contacts:   Marwa Fawzy Elbanan - El Rabie Group Company 



GSM:   00447307838038, +2 0100 0181083