Elrabie Group became a milestone in the field of food manufacturing

El Rabie Group History

El Rabie Egyptian joint Stock Company, was founded more than twenty years. The company is one of the most important and largest companies in the manufacture of food products. The company began to produce Halva and White Tahini in 1989 using traditional methods in the manufacture of Halva and using the special secret sauce of El Rabei Group. The group consists of more than 300 employees and workers who participated actively in the completion of a great revolution in the production lines as we have the best qualified staff well qualified in accordance with training programs studied are inside and outside the company to raise the level of working both with own thing, making the company boasts the best staff in the various fields of production, maintenance, quality.

El Rabie Group started to enter into another major investment by opening a new company for Juice Production in 2000 under the name of Oryx Land Company For Food Industries in order to be a testament to meet the requirements of the market and consumers. Continuing to the development and improvement process, El Rabei Group makes a geographic expansion through the multiplicity of the headquarter, branches and storage facilities in Cairo and other governorates where we have more than 26 branch-level Arab Republic of Egypt and a large fleet of cars and vans to supply all branches nationwide.

The year 2008 witnessed a major shift in El Rabie Group as the company increased production lines and applied the latest worldwide means of technology and that by importing the latest machinery production from abroad (Germany - Spain - Netherlands - Norway - Denmark - India) and that to confirm the company`s keenness in produce a range of products with high quality unique to her work over the years, and then the introduction of new products such as Tomato Paste, Jam with its various flavors and Black Honey.

There is no doubt that one of the main ingredients of El Rabie Group success is its ability to continue to strengthen its competitive position in all markets and through maintaining the quality of its products and meet the needs of consumers and the use of scientific research and modern technologies and the application of best business practices in all aspects of activity in the company.



El Rabie Group